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The Ultimate Guide to Online Crackers in Hyderabad for Big Festivals


When it comes to celebrating festivals in Hyderabad, nothing adds more excitement than the dazzling display of crackers lighting up the night sky. From traditional paper bomb crackers to the colorful yellow peacock, the variety of crackers available can make any celebration unforgettable. This guide will walk you through the most popular types of crackers available online in Hyderabad, perfect for your big festival celebrations.


Online Crackers in Hyderabad

Why buy online crackers in Hyderabad?

Buying crackers online in Hyderabad offers numerous benefits. First, it saves time and hassle, as you can shop from the comfort of your home. Online stores often provide a wider range of products, allowing you to choose the best crackers at competitive prices. Plus, many online retailers offer discounts and deals that you might not find in physical stores.

Types of Crackers Available Online

1. Paper Bomb Crackers

Paper bomb crackers are a festival favorite. Known for their loud bang and minimal smoke, these crackers are perfect for creating a celebratory atmosphere. They are easy to handle and are suitable for both adults and children under supervision.

Online Crackers in Hyderabad

2. Bijili Crackers

Bijili crackers, also known as bijli bombs, are another popular choice. These small, cylindrical crackers produce a sharp, crackling sound that adds excitement to any celebration. Their compact size makes them easy to ignite and fun to use in a variety of festive settings.


3. Red Bijili Crackers

Red bijili crackers are a vibrant variation of the traditional bijili crackers. They offer the same exhilarating sound with added visual appeal due to their bright red color. These crackers are perfect for creating a lively and colorful festival environment.


4. Paper Blast Bomb

The paper blast bomb is a larger version of the paper bomb cracker, producing a louder bang and more excitement. These are ideal for big festival celebrations where you want to make a significant impact with your fireworks display.


5. Rocket Crackers

Rocket crackers are a staple of any fireworks show. They shoot up into the sky and burst into beautiful displays of light and color. Rockets come in various sizes and effects, making them a versatile choice for any celebration.

Online Crackers in Hyderabad


6. Baby Rocket

Baby rockets are smaller versions of traditional rocket crackers. They are easy to handle and provide a delightful burst of color in the sky. These are perfect for smaller gatherings or for adding variety to a larger fireworks display.


7. Yellow Peacock

The yellow peacock is a stunning firework that creates a cascading effect of yellow sparks, resembling a peacock spreading its feathers. This cracker is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your festival celebrations.


8. Big Flower Pots

Big flower pots are another must-have for any festival. When ignited, they emit a shower of colorful sparks that rise up and create a flower-like pattern. These crackers are visually stunning and can be the highlight of your fireworks display.

9. Kit Kat Crackers

Kit Kat crackers are small, cylindrical crackers that produce a series of loud pops when ignited. They are easy to handle and provide a lot of fun for people of all ages. These crackers are great for adding a bit of noise and excitement to your celebration.


10. Ground Chakkar Big

Ground chakkar big are spinning fireworks that create a spectacular display of light on the ground. When ignited, they spin rapidly, emitting colorful sparks in a circular pattern. These are perfect for adding a dynamic element to your fireworks show.

Online Crackers in Hyderabad


Safety Tips for Using Crackers


While crackers add joy and excitement to festivals, it’s important to use them safely. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  1. Read Instructions: Always read the instructions on the cracker packaging before use.
  2. Supervise Children: Ensure that children are supervised by adults when handling crackers.
  3. Keep Water Nearby: Have a bucket of water or a hose ready in case of emergencies.
  4. Use in Open Areas: Light crackers in open spaces away from buildings, trees, and flammable materials.
  5. Dispose Properly: Dispose of used crackers and debris safely to prevent any fire hazards.




1. Where can I buy crackers online in Hyderabad?
You can purchase crackers from various online retailers that specialize in fireworks and festival supplies. Some popular options include dedicated fireworks websites and major e-commerce platforms.


2. Are there any discounts available for bulk purchases?
Yes, many online stores offer discounts and deals on bulk purchases, especially during the festival season. It's a good idea to check multiple websites for the best offers.

3. How can I ensure the quality of the crackers I buy online?

Look for reputable online retailers with positive customer reviews. Additionally, ensure the crackers are from well-known brands and comply with safety standards.


4. What should I do if a cracker fails to ignite?

If a cracker fails to ignite, do not attempt to relight it immediately. Wait for some time, and then carefully dispose of it in water to prevent any accidental ignition.


5. Are there eco-friendly cracker options available?
Yes, many manufacturers are now producing eco-friendly crackers that produce less smoke and noise. Look for these options when shopping online.


Customer Reviews


1. Ananya R.

"I ordered a variety of crackers online for Diwali, and I was not disappointed. The paper bomb crackers were a hit among the kids, and the big flower pots added a magical touch to our celebrations. Highly recommend!"

2. Ravi K.

"Buying crackers online was so convenient. The delivery was fast, and the quality of the crackers was top-notch. The red bijili crackers and ground chakkar were especially impressive. I will definitely order again next year."

3. Priya M.

"I was a bit skeptical about buying crackers online, but the experience was fantastic. The rocket crackers and yellow peacock were absolutely beautiful. The whole process was hassle-free and safe."


With a wide variety of crackers available online in Hyderabad, you can easily find the perfect fireworks to make your festival celebrations unforgettable. From the loud bangs of paper bomb crackers to the stunning displays of the yellow peacock, there's something for everyone. Remember to prioritize safety while enjoying these festive delights.Are you ready to light up your celebrations? Start shopping for your favorite crackers online today and make your festival truly spectacular!

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